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Steve Meier

Steve Meier

Steve Meier will receive the Phi Theta Kappa Lifetime Achievement Award for his 32 years of service and leadership as advisor for the honor society’s Eta Nu chapter at the St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus. The award will be presented during the 2012 Annual Convention in Nashville, Tenn. April 12-14.

This marks the first year the Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented, and Meier is one of two individuals chosen to receive the honor. The award, which recognizes exceptional dedication to the mission and programs of PTK and efforts to support student success over an extended period of time, is not expected to be presented annually.

Meier, who retired June 30 after serving as an SPC faculty member for 35 years, was honored and surprised to receive a letter from Rod A. Risley, PTK’s Executive Director, recognizing his service.

In his letter, Risley credits him with the overwhelming success of what has become one of the most engaged chapters in the organization’s history.

“Because of your leadership, the Eta Nu Chapter not only holds many records for awards and honors, but also pioneered the concept of student success through engagement in projects to support and sustain the college and local community,” Risley wrote.

“I was speechless,” Meier said. “I never expected anything like this. I am deeply touched and honored.

“What is special to me is that this is a first-time award and I’m one of the ones they’ve selected,” said Meier, who attended every international convention during his 32 years as chapter advisor. “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this type of award given, especially for an advisor. This really is quite an honor.”

Since 1982, the Eta Nu chapter has ranked No. 1 in the state of Florida 21 times. The chapter also has ranked No. 1 internationally five times since 1986 and has received numerous awards throughout its 62-year history.

In October 2011, Meier received the 2011 Southern Regional Faculty Member Award from the Association of Community College Trustees.

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Patrick Hernly is an adjunct professor in St. Petersburg College’s MIRA program — that stands for Music Industry and Recording Arts.

The MIRA program is only in its second year, but it has attracted a great deal of interest already. This year there are more than 150 students, and interest seems to be growing steadily.

According to Hernly, who has a master’s degree in music and who performs as a drummer and percussionist, St. Petersburg College was very well positioned to offer a music program that trains people to make a living in the music industry.

Young people who participate in band or chorus in high school may be the ones most likely to attend traditional music programs. But Hernly points out that thousands of other young people may not possess that training or experience, yer still are very involved in making music.  Those are the ones who get great benefits out of programs such as the MIRA program.

Patrick Hernly

Most music schools, he points out , don’t cater to commercial music, or to students who have interest in commercial music. 

“A community college is the perfect setting for a program like this,” Hernly said.

The MIRA program is based at the St. Petersburg-Gibbs Campus.

Patrick Hernly 1

Patrick Hernly 2

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